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Huaorani Indians

The Huaorani Indians are the native Amerindians from the Amazonian Rain Forest Region in Ecuador. There are five groups of people are live in that region, speak the Huaorani language, a linguistic isolate that is not known to be related to any other language and a few speak Spanish language now. The lifestyle of Huaorani is not cultivating any crops and not making any goods either. Hunting and fishing are the way to live in the forest. As many as five communities are in the forest. The Tagaeri community is known for killing the trespassers on their land. The Tagaeri and Taromenane clans who are believed to live together in these days but still live the way they always like stay away far from the land, particularly The Taromenane have rejected all contact with the outside world and continue to move into more remote parts of the jungle. Huaorani Indians