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Khyber Pass

The Khyber Pass, is a mountain pass linking Pakistan and Afghanistan.The Pass was an integral part of the ancient Silk Road. Throughout history it has been an important trade route between Central Asia and South Asia and a strategic military location. The Khyber Pass

Skippers Canyon New Zealand

Skippers Canyon is a historic and scenic gorge, some 22 kilometres in length that is located several kilometres north of Queenstown. Today accessed from Queenstown via the same road that leads to Coronet Peak skifield, Skippers Canyon houses the Shotover River, one of New Zealand's richest gold bearing rivers which was named by William Gilbert Rees. Rees, his wife Francis and brother-in-law Nicholas Von Tunzelmann were the first European settlers in and near where Queenstown is now located. Skippers Canyon

Yungas Road Bolivia

The North Yungas Road , 69-kilometre (43 mi) road leading from La Paz to Coroico, 56 kilometres (35 mi) northeast of La Paz in the Yungas region of Bolivia. It is legendary for its extreme danger and in 1995 the Inter-American Development Bank christened it as the "world's most dangerous road". One estimate is that 200 to 300 travellers are killed yearly along the road. The road includes crosses marking many of the spots where vehicles have fallen. Yungas Road Bolivia